Learn Russian in Krasnoyarsk!

Krasnoyarsk is the center of Eastern Siberia and the capital of huge “Krasnoyarskiy kray” (Krasnoyarsk region). The population of the city is about 1 million people so you won’t feel alone like in the huge snow desert.

Join our Russian language and cultural immersion in Russia. Be a part of our Russian language course in Siberia! 

7 reasons to choose My Russian School in Siberia to learn Russian in Russia

1. The school of Russian language is located in the city centre, everything is within a walking distance: sights, supermarkets, the Yenisey river, museums, theatres, cinemas. Taxis can take you to any part of the city and the fare is about 1-2 €.

2. In our school there are 5 classrooms, so we are able to organise classes for about 20 students a month. And of course, these 20 people are main priority. From the moment you step on Siberian land we will be there to meet all of your expectations.

3. Our professional teachers of Russian language know modern teaching techniques, they are full of energy and fully motivated. They always explain the material in the best possible way. They are all fluent in foreign languages, so they will be able to explain the most difficult material in your own language. The all are experts on Russian language and cultural immersion method.

4. Our Russian language course includes cultural and language immersion. We offer a tour package of Russian language course in Russia which is designed specially for people who value their time and want to improve their level of Russian in Russia in a short period of time and want to get the best results. The fees are competitive. But apart from the Russian language course it also includes extra facilities, which are Russian host-family accommodation, language assessment, visa support, regular coffee breaks at school, full materials package etc.

5. Students who focus on getting the best results in studying Russian in Russia, after their course can take TRKI-exam and get a certificate of TRKI-1, TRKI-2 or TRKI-3 in our Russian language center.

6. You can learn Russian in Russia without any fees in our center. All you need is to join our social and cultural initiatives and raise Russian people’s awareness of other cultures and languages.

7. We provide post-educational support for our students and offer individual Russian language sessions via Skype. It helps students improve their language skills, even when they are not in Russian language environment any more.

Feel at home in Siberia and immerse in the atmosphere of Russian language and culture!

Enjoy the comfort of modern society in the middle of wild nature

  • The location of Krasnoyarsk city is very convenient, because it is in the centre of Siberia. The region is famous for its unique mountains, forests, the powerful Yenisey river and the national park Stolby. Besides, from Krasnoyarsk you can travel to the North to enjoy fishing and traditional crafts of the Northenpeople, to the South  to see the famous Khakassian lakes or national park Ergaki, to the East  to visit Baikal lake, Buryatia.
  • In remote Siberia, despite being close to taiga forest, we provide you with comfortable accommodation in warm flats with landline phones and Internet connection, various meals (from fast food to exquisite restaurants).

Quality education and total immersion in Russian and Siberian culture

  • We guarantee the quality of the learning process of Russian language, because we have the stuff of weel-qualified teachers and use the newest teaching techniques, and co-work with such well-known publishing houses like Zlatoust, Russkiy Yazyk Courses.
  • Krasnoyarsk is a modern city where everyone can find what to do to their liking. Besides, we know lots of places in the city, which are not known to local citizens, but which are very interesting and unique!



  • Course operate all year round
  • Minimum course length is 1 week
  • Average number of students per group  2-4
  • Each lesson is 40 minutes


  Lessons per week  Price per week
Intensive course, mini-group (2-4 people) 20 20000 ru
Intensive course, individual  20 30000 ru

 1 hour (60 min) of individual classes online = 2400 rubles. 


  • number of students per class is 2-5
  • minimum duration is 1 week
  • could be taken in combination with the Intensive group course only
  • course schedule: Monday - Thursday afternoon
  Lessons per week  Fee
Exam preparatory (TRKI-1, 2, 3) 8 12000 ru
Business Russian  8 12000 ru
Russian for the tourism industry  8 12000 ru
Russian through films  8 12000 ru
Russian folklore/fairytales 8 12000 ru
Russian grammar: cases 8 12000 ru
Russian grammar: action verbs  8 12000 ru
Russian grammar: adjectives  8 12000 ru
Russian pronunciation  8 12000 ru
Russian rock music  8 12000 ru
History, culture and religions of Siberia
(Krasnoyarskii kray, Khakassia, Tuva, Irkutsk
and Buryatia)
8 12000 ru

Other types of courses, corporate trainings,  unconventional, nonstandart and private questions - information available by request to myrussiancourse@gmail.com 



  Half-board 1 meal (breakfast / lunch / dinner
Host Family Accommodation, single room  10000 ru 300 ru





20 % of the course fee - long term courses (4-12 weeks)

15 % of the course fee - organized groups (2 people or more)


Course fee includes:

  • Russian language classes: 20 academic hours, 5 days a week;
  • all printed materials;
  • entry and final tests;
  • mid-term tests;
  • graduation certificate;
  • one extra individual lesson per week to get feedback on the educational progress.

Accomodation fee includes:

  • accommodation in a Russian family, breakfast/dinner included.



Our time zone is GMT 7+

The price of individual online class is 2400 Russian rubles.

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 Ricardo Garcia Cosculluela

En la escuela My Russian School in Siberia, de Krasnoyarsk, pasé un curso intensivo de lengua rusa de un mes de duración. A pesar de que no tengo facilidad para los idiomas tuve un gran avance tanto en gramática como en conversación gracias a mi excelente profesora (Lisa) y a la dirección de la escuela, que se ocupó también  de organizar visitas a los museos de la ciudad, teatros, concieros, excursiones, etc.

Estuve alojado en casa de una familia rusa, que me ayudó también a aprender a conversar.

¿Por qué elegí la escuela en la ciudad siberana de Krasnoyarsk? Lo habitual es estudiar ruso en Moscú o en San Petersburgo que, ciertamente, son ciudades extraordinarias …Pero las ciudades de Siberia, con no ser pequeñas, tienen algo que no se encuentra en una gran ciudad. En primer lugar, la extraordinaria calidez de sus habitantes y su amabilidad. En Krasnoyarsk se puede descubrir la cultura siberiana, tan desconocida en Europa, visitar sus deliciosos museos de cultura local, asistir a teatros y a los numerosos concieros que se celebran en la ciudad, pasear por el hermoso centro de la ciudad, navegar por el gran río Yenisey (el 5º más largo del mundo), practicar trekking o esquiar en el parque nacional de Stalby…

No quiero olvidarme de sus deliciosos restaurantes, desde los más sencillos de comida rápida a los excelentes restaurantes de la ciudad, muchos de ellos de cocina internacional: china, italiana, americana, caucásica, japonesa, mongola, tártara, etc.

En fin, recomiendo vivamente la escuela My Russian School in Siberia, en Krasnoyarsk, para aquellos estudiantes que se sientan atraídos por conocer lugares sorprendentes y agradables.


Ricardo Garcia Cosculluela


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